Reid Hagan W2HU

Tuesday Night Net Controller

I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and became fascinated with radio at a very early age after being exposed to a crystal radio that played through an earplug without the need of batteries or electricity! How could such a thing work? The fascination stayed with me and evolved through some antique radios I was able to acquire: Philco and RCA consoles, Atwater Kents, Bremer-Tulleys and then further along into the world of Ham Radio with an old Hammarlund Super Pro receiver. I took my Novice test in 1975 (WN2EHU) and passed my General and Advanced (WA2EHU) the same day about two years later after a visit to the FCC office in Philadelphia. I then geared up for the Extra Class exam and 20 WPM code test that followed soon after. I passed the Extra exam and the 20 WPM (as WA2EHU) and kept the call for many years until I had the chance to shorten it to what it is today: W2HU.







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